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This e-service is used if you as a food business operator wish to make a consultation reguest in order to determine the novel food status of a particular food, as laid down in Regulation (EU) 2015/2283 Article 4. Consultation requests are made to the Member state where they first intend to place the novel food. This service is designed for consultation requests to the Swedish Food Agency.

In the consultation request, you must provide information on the characteristics of the food, how it is produced, and the extent to which it has been eaten in the EU before the 15th of May 1997 (history of consumption). The Swedish Food Agency makes an assessment of this information. The decision of the novel food status will be published to everyone on the European Commission’s (EU) website and the status is listed in the Novel Foods Catalogue. The format of the consultation request and the nature of the application are described in Regulation (EU) 2018/456. 

The Swedish food agency will assess the status of the food, see Article 6 of Regulation (EU) 2018/456. However, the assessment time may be extended if the authority needs more information from the applicant in order to make a decision. In those cases, the authority shall indicate the reason for the extension. 

Read more: Apply, notify or request consultation on novel foods (Livsmedelsverket.se)

The National Food Agency’s website also provides information to companies about New Food, read more: Novel foods – to consider for businesses (Livsmedelsverket.se)

Consultation requests are subject to a fee

The Swedish food agency charges a fee for consultation requests, on the basis of chapter 2 to the Swedish food agencys Regulations (LIVSFS 2021:8). The fee consists of a basic fee of 4 500 SEK upo3n application and an hourly fee of 900 SEK during the assessment. 

The basic fee is paid when the application is submitted and is not refunded. The processing time that follows will be charged at the beginning of 15 minutes. The fee will be charged after the completion of the processthe case is closed. If the applicant wishes to withdraw his application, the processing time that has been ongoing up to that date will be charged.


Retrieve company details
In the e-service you can choose to retrieve the company’s data from the Swedish Companies Registration Office, Central Bureau of Statistics and the Swedish Tax Agency, so that you do not have to fill them in manually.  
Read more on the page How company information is retrieved


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