English - Notification of total diet replacement for weight control


Total diet replacement for weight control are products specially formulated for healthy adults with overweight or obesity who want to lose weight. The products have a special composition for use in energy-restricted diets for weight loss and are produced to replace all meals during the day, when used according to the food business operator’s instructions. 

Food business operators must notify total diet replacement for weight control to the Swedish Food Agency in order to place such foods on the market in Sweden. The notification shall be made at the latest when the food is placed on the market for the first time. See 3§ 4 p and 4§  LIVSFS 2022:4. 

Certain changes to previously notified foods must also be notified to the Swedish Food Agency at the latest when the food, with modofications, is places on the market in Sweden for the first time. However, changes to the label used for the food relating only to fonts or colours need not be notified. See 6§ LIVSFS 2022:4. This E-service can also be used when notifying a change to a product that has already been notified. 
For more information on what the food business operators needs to think about when it comes to  Komplett kostersättning för viktkontroll (Total diet replacement for weigt controll).

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In the e-service you can choose to retrieve the company’s data from the Swedish Companies Registration Office, Statistics Sweden and the Swedish Tax Agency, so that you do not have to fill them in manually.  
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